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“Gal-TVS” LLC is a manufacturer of basalt fiber insulation (mineral wool).

Our products are used for insulation of heating networks, heating pipelines, steam pipelines, process
pipelines, pipelines of cold supply, water supply, sewerage, water disposal.

We produce mineral cotton cylinders, semi-cylinders, uncoated segments and segments coated with
reinforced aluminum foil.

We also produce on a by-order basis a protective coating of galvanized, stainless metal, aluminum.
We offer a complex of installation works on insulation.

Technical characteristics of heat-insulating cylinders made of basalt fiber:

Name Value
Length 1000mm
Inside diameter 21-530mm
Insulating barrier thickness 20-100mm
Surface Operating Temperature from -40 to + 400 ° С
Density 80-100 kg/m3
Thermal conductivity coefficient at t = 25 °С 0,037 W/m °C
  • depending on the diameter of the pipeline, it is made in the form of a cylinder or two, three, or moreparts/segments.
  • The insulating barrier is selected depending on the temperature characteristics of the pipeline internal environment, location and other conditions.

*    Insulation is supplied in cardboard boxes: size of 1000x800x600mm.

Types of heat-insulating cylinders:


Coated with reinforced aluminum foil:

Protective coating of galvanized, stainless metal, aluminum:

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